Journée Citoyenne / Citizen’s Day

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A Lego Marianne in the Canuts.

A lot of people on this particular Thursday, March, 23rd in the yard of the Canuts Vocational School. The students have unveiled their Marianne entirely made from Lego, with the Declaration of Man and Citizen’s Rights. For the occasion, the mayor Pierre Dussurgey was here accompanied by Henri-Michel Cornet, the prefect of the Rhône and Françoise Moulin-Civil, the head of the Académie.

“Citizenship can’t be taught by listening to lessons”, the head of the school, Eric Dupraz has remarked in his speech to the students and the institutions, “Our challenge is to transmit the values of the Republic through what our students live. They are the future actors of the city life.”

Far from resembling Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve or Laeticia Casta, the Marianne from the Canuts is unique, but the students haven’t forgotten the traditional Phrygian Cap and the three-coloured sash. Composed of thousands of plastic bricks, its conception has been computer implemented. Its financing could be done thanks to an Inhabitants’Initiatives Funding (FIH) and to the City and the Government’s support.

This work fits within the Citizenship Day. The students of the school could watch a theatrical performance in the Jara theatre and take part to a debate about the values of the Republic.

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With their Marianne, the students of the Canuts School give a go to Lego

(Students around their Marianne. Picture M.DESGOUTTES – ROUBY)


On Thursday, the students of the Canuts School have presented their version of Marianne, entirely made of Lego bricks.


On Thursday, the little party organized by the Canuts School regrouped a great number of institution and university representatives , and elected officials. The reason for it: the presented project was highly symbolic.

“We don’t want to leave our ambitions of equality and fraternity weakened”, attested  the headmaster, Eric Dupraz, in his welcome speech. And on that night, they celebrated the actions led by the students around the theme of the Republic. This year, they all demonstrated that they could act as citizens through texts, debates, meetings or acting in plays. On its pedestal, a Marianne made of plastic, composed of Lego small bricks, with a tricolour ribbon around her waist, was designed to symbolize the whole of their civil actions.