1er prix de la Résistance et de la Déportation / First Prize of the Resistance and the Deportation

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The First Prize of the Resistance and the Deportation to the Canuts School.

 It’s with pride and emotion that a first-year group of electricity NVQs Level 1 of the Canuts vocational school received the First Prize of the schools of the Rhône regional education authority in the Resistance and Deportation Contest. Their participation into this contest whose theme this year was the denial of Mankind in the Nazi concentration camps world, had not seemed obvious to them straight away. But Marius Pellet’s persuasiveness, the president of Anacr, the teachers’conviction that the youths were capable of doing it, and their meeting with Robert Camp, were decisive. 

“What we enjoyed , they said,  “ is the fact that this project was linked both to History and to electricity, our sector.” The students have made a silhouette named Bobby with LED. The lights are put out gradually as the survivors’productions are read by the students. They symbolize the destruction of Man in the concentration camps.